Gunstreet Les Paul Standard Wiring Harness - Jimmy Page



Our kits are a perfect drop-in replacement for your Les Paul style guitar, whether you want to change how your instrument sounds, or just want to improve the durability we have something perfect for you!

  1. Red 50’s Wiring (Vintage High Pass Filter) This wiring was found in the first gen of electric guitars. It features a transparent sound as you roll off the volume at the cost of a steep volume taper and an on/off tone control that interacts a lot with your volume position
  2. Blue Modern Wiring: (Low pass Filter) This comes standard in most instruments and is what most people are familiar with when it comes to functionality. This style is what you call a low pass filter, meaning as you roll the volume down more highs will disappear.
  3. Green Volume Bleed (Modern High pass Filter) Often called a “treble bleed”, this circuit changes the modern wiring into a high pass filter. Get this kit if you like to use both your volume and tone control a lot and want more highs at lower volumes.

Jimmy Page wiring: This kit features Coil Cutting in the Volumes, Out of phase in the Bridge tone and a Series switch in the Neck tone. Giving you a crazy number of options. This set up is great if you like a lot of flexibity in your sound, or love pushing distortion!

Part Info


  • Taper style: Audio

  • Shaft Diameter: 6MM

  • Shaft Length: 9.52MM (3/8th)

  • Knob Pattern: Coarse

  • Nut thread: M8 x 0.75

CTS 450G

  • Taper style: Audio

  • Value: 500k

  • Shaft Diameter: 3/8” (9.52MM)

  • Shaft Length:

  • Short shaft: 3/8th (9.52MM )

  • Long shaft: 3/4th (19.05MM )

  • Knob Pattern: Fine

  • Nut thread: 3/8 x 32


  • Required Body cavity depth: 7/8”" (22.23MM)

  • Mounting hole diameter: 1/2" (12.70mm)

  • Thread height: 11/32” (8.74MM)

  • Thread Pattern: 15/32x 32

  • Switch tip Thread: 8-32

CDE “Orange Drop” Capacitor

  • Value: 0.047UF

  • Tolerance:+/- 10%

  • Voltage (Size): 400v

Neutrik Rean mono jack

  • Required mounting hole diameter: 3/8" (9.53mm)

  • Thread: 3/8 x 32Thread height:1/4" (6.35mm)

Requirements (Must Read)

  • This requires 4 conductor pickups
  • Because of how this circuit is designed and how it’s playing with the mechanics of your pickups, this circuit is very prone to outside feedback and in rare cases causes an “audible ground path aka a ghost pickup sound” Although this wont fix everything in some rigs we suggest installing this kit in a properly shielded cavity to help limit the effects or issues stemming from things like amps, pedals, power supplies, and even your houses wiring!
  • Converting an Import guitar to US spec
    • US spec pots will require you to enlarge the stock pot holes to be 3/8th
    • When converting you will want to Choose "3/8th Short Shaft" for the correct thread length
    • If swapping to CTS you will need new "Fine Knurled" knobs
  • Most Gibson curved tops require a "3/4th Long Shaft"
  • Choosing Bourns or Import Versions will require an 18th tooth "Coarse" Knurled knob
  • Choosing a CTS Version will require a 24 tooth "Fine" knurled knob

Our Gunstreet Promise

We take our quality very seriously. That's why we only use real trained technicians who hand build each kit, and then send it through our proprietary testing process where we audio test every control, switch, or option to make sure that when you received the item its free of any hums, crackles, or pops!


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