Ever feel like you're

searching for a sound?

We focus on making and designing amazing circuits that expand your instrument’s tonal palette. With our handcrafted guitar wiring harnesses and pickups, you can dial in the sound and functionality of your instrument to perfectly match your playing style.

Oh no why isn't this working?

Sean discovers Wiring

After a very bad experience from a guy selling kits off the Les Paul Forum, Sean went down a masive rabbit hole of passive electronics, only to discover just how much fun you can have building pickups and designing circuits.

Sean starts the beginning of the Gunstreet brand

Wait it's Guitars and Wiring?

Originally called Gunstreet Guitar Emporium. A nod to a story his grandpa told. Sean started part-time selling Vintage Guitars and a few custom circuits.

Due to poplar demand we are now

Gunstreet Wiring Shop

Because of Sean's impressive knowedgle of circuit designing, and the unparalled service people experienced. Sean had to quit buying and selling guitars to keep up with the wiring harness demand and rebranded the company.

Made in Bend,Oregon? how about

Made in Portland,Oregon

Between an opportunity he couldn't pass up and Portlands, long history of an amazing build scene, Sean decided to take Gunstreet to the next level and moved operations to Portland.


Stringjoy & Gunstreet team up

Sean & Gunstreet join the Stringjoy family and begin the next chapter in Gunstreet's growth. Gunstreet operates as a fully independent subsidiary of Stringjoy.