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Find your unique sound

We focus on making and designing amazing circuits that expand your instrument’s tonal palette. With our handcrafted guitar wiring harnesses and pickups, you can dial in the sound and functionality of your instrument to perfectly match your playing style.

Get Better Feeling Controls

Do your controls feel cheap and flimsy? You're in luck. We have engineered our wiring kits to use a select list of parts and values over the years with quality feel and performance as our north stars.

Ultimate Time Saving Solution

Say goodbye to hours of
searching potentially incorrect diagrams and the frustration of
troubleshooting them. Our harnesses are expertly crafted to ensure a hassle-free installation, giving you more time to focus on what matters most - Your Guitar

Beginner friendly installation

Designed with simplicity in mind, our easy-to-install harnesses make upgrading your instrument a breeze. Don't fret the installation process – our expert support team is always here to assist you, ensuring your installation is smooth and worry-free.

“You know they have to be good when your favorite local tech fan boys about them!”

- Michael S, Michigan

“No one can compare to the level of detail these people put into every little thing. Wow!!”

- Greg U, Texas

"This is the kind of attention to detail and craftsmanship that we just aren't used to in the age of Amazon. this is how you separate a good build from a great build. thanks guys. ABSOLUTELY will order from again, and will tell everyone else i know to do the same."

- Jeffery B, Texas

"Excellent service and top notch product. The harness was purchased to upgrade the OEM unit in my Classic Vibe Telecaster and it is so nice to have a switch that has positive detents and pots that have some feeling and resistance to them ... not to mention you can see the quality and care that goes into a hand wired product made in USA! Well done guys!"

- Doug B, Alberta

"Well constructed kit, clear instructions made for easy installation, reasonable shipping time, sounds great. Well worth the savings in money, time and effort of DIY from scratch."

- Silvio. FL

Are you a circuit nerd?

Unlock the world of guitar wiring mastery with our treasure trove of educational posts! Whether you're a curious beginner or an aspiring tech, dive into our wealth of knowledge!

Wiring FAQ

Sean learns about Wiring

Oh No Why isn't this Working?

After a very bad experience from a guy selling kits off the Les Paul Forum, Sean went down a masive rabbit hole of passive electronics, only to discover just how much fun you can have building pickups and designing circuits.

Sean starts the beginning of the Gunstreet brand

Guitars and Wiring

Originally called Gunstreet Guitar Emporium. A nod to a story his grandpa told. Sean started part-time selling Vintage Guitars and a few custom circuits.

Due to poplar demand we are now

Gunstreet Wiring SHop

Because of Sean's impressive knowedgle of circuit designing, and the unparalled service people experienced. Sean had to quit buying and selling guitars to keep up with the wiring harness demand and rebranded the company.

Made in Bend,Oregon? how about

Made in Portland, Oregon

Between an opportunity he couldn't pass up and Portlands, long history of an amazing build scene, Sean decided to take Gunstreet to the next level and moved operations to Portland.


Joining Forces

Sean & Gunstreet join the Stringjoy family and begin the next chapter in Gunstreet's growth. Gunstreet operates as a fully independent subsidiary of Stringjoy.