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Gunstreet Burnside Single Coil Pickup

Sale price$169.95
It’s quite likely that you’ve seen some of your favorite artists wielding a funky, vintage instrument or two over the course of their career. These "budget" guitars from the 50s and 60s were primarily favored for their searing, focused bridge tones. When that was coupled with their fat-but-detailed neck position sounds, something truly special was born.
The Gunstreet Burnside is a modern interpretation of that cult classic single coil guitar pickup. Our unique, bar magnet based design applies the noise reducing architecture and unique voice of those early designs with modern consistency, balance and ultra-high quality craftsmanship.
If you are looking for a vibrant "true single coil" experience unlike anything else out there, look no further. The Gunstreet Burnside has you covered. Bringing these to life was a true labor of love, and we are beyond excited to bring these sounds back into existence for a whole new generation of players to discover. There is simply nothing quite like the Burnside available on the market.

Tech Specs

Magnet: Alnico 5

  • Neck: North facing
  • Bridge: South facing


  • Neck: 6.7k +/-5%
  • Bridge: 6.7k +/-5%

Cover Material: Chrome

Lead Wire: 2 Conductor (2 wires and a bare)

EQ and Demos

Want to learn more about the History of this Pickup? Check out this video from Blake!

More Info

Suggested Pot Values

  • 250k: This will give you the most classic sound with more low end and mids in the mix.
  • 500k: This will give you a more sparkly, Spanky sound
  • Remember these are only suggestions. You can use whatever values you want. Want to understand what we mean by this, or just have questions about pot values? Visit our Wiring FAQs tab

Pairing a Burnside with another pickup brand: Every brand uses their own recipe, meaning magnet or coil wind direction might not be the same as the Burnside. If different this will cause phasing issues. The easiest way to know if you have phasing issues is if you hear a drop in overall volume whenever 2 pickups are together. The simplest way to correct this is by swapping the Start and Finish wires on the Burnside (See your included Diagram for Reference)

Gunstreet Burnside Single Coil Pickup
Gunstreet Burnside Single Coil Pickup Sale price$169.95

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