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We take our quality very seriously.

That's why we have spent over 9+ years building and refining our proprietary processes to make sure any item that leaves our shop left in 100% working order.

Quality over quantity

We are not like the average joe companies.


We only use trained technicians who hand pick each part before moving to the next stage where they personally build your kit, or pickup.


Once it is built, they send it through its Second QC check where we visibly make sure everything is perfectly done.


 If it passes, we will then send it through our 3rd check where we will take on average 10 minutes audio tests every control, switch, and option to make sure that when you received the item it is free of any hum, crackles, or pops!

Even though we take a ton of time making sure our kits leave perfect. We lose control once it leaves our shop.

Differing skill levels from the installer may cause issues as well as damage to parts, so we highly recommend you take your time installing and reach out if you have any questions or need any troubleshooting. 
If the kit becomes damaged due to user error. We will not replace it with a new one.

9 times out of 10, an issue can be fixed within 1 to 2 emails.

Please Note: If you prefer, hire a professional with REAL electronics experience as some luthiers/techs may not be experienced enough on the wiring side beyond simple pickup swaps.

Modding our kits, or swapping parts automatically voids our "Gunstreet promise" we reserve the right to not offer any help troubleshooting non-original kits