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Article: Introducing the New custom Gunstreet parts.

Introducing the New custom Gunstreet parts.

Introducing the New custom Gunstreet parts.

Wow, it’s been a rollercoaster ride for the last 14 months! As some of you know. We partnered up with Stringjoy at the beginning of last year, which was crazy fun for us, and has lead to some very exciting opportunities! We are now in retailers like American Music Supply, and Zzounds. And, thanks to all of you, we were able to move out of our small shop in Southeast Portland to much larger facility across town. We simply could NOT manufacture the amount of kits that were being ordered in that space any longer.
But one huge benefit to the increased volume of kits that are headed out of the door is that we’ve got A LOT of data/observations on the specific parts that make up a Gunstreet kit. This has made us want to tweak our parts selection in our endless pursuit of providing the best overall kit available.

So What's New?

Custom "Gunstreet" Potentiometers.

picture of the new gunstreet pots
This one is huge for us, and we are extremely excited about it. After nearly a decade of selling wiring harnesses, we found ourselves with a pretty robust data pool around this very important, but often overlooked aspect of electric guitar functionality. If there is something that makes a pot good or bad on the player’s end, you can bet that we’ve seen it! Using these insights, we set out to build a potentiometer from the ground up. The new Gunstreet Potentiometers are the result of years of experience and an extremely intensive multi-month R&D process. They feature world-class durability, perfectly tuned feel, and a custom taper that is designed to please players of all stripes. We left no stone unturned while designing these pots and we absolutely love them. Once you try them, we are certain that you will too!


    The new Gunstreet Toggle Switch

    picture of the new gunstreet switch
    While pouring over data to create our new potentiometers, we noticed a few pain points in another critical component. Traditional toggle switches can be confusing to install (especially for first timers), produce a loud “clunk” when engaged, and quite frankly don’t last as long as we’d like to see. The new Gunstreet Toggle Switch takes care of all of that and more.
    What makes these switches special?
    • They are Super Durable. Even more so than your classic “witchcraft” made switches. ;)
    • Quieter. The internals of these switches are precisely fitted and tuned for a much smoother switching experience with significantly reduced mechanical noise.
    • Beginner friendly design. These switches are easier to install and troubleshoot because we did all the hard work for you. All you have to do is match the wires to the names. 
    • Specially designed shape. The switch is much more compact. Which means it works for guitars that use a straight toggle switch AND guitars that use right angle toggles. No need to double check your guitar cavity, this bad boy is universal!
    We have started rolling out these new components to all applicable kits, and the feedback has already been overwhelmingly positive. There was a ton of time put into designing these, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Your feedback, and support are why these have been able to happen, so thank you very much! We are very much looking forward to getting these into your guitar and helping you make music for years to come.



      I purchased the solderless Les Paul kit and very happy with the purchase. I’m missing the the toggle switch. I would like purchase it but don’t see it available.

      Bobby Withrow

      all our kits come with instructions, as well as a ton of them having online instructions. Look for the “instruction” tab on the product page.

      Sean @Gunstreet

      Do you send instructions?

      Andrew Bradford

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