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Gunstreet "59" Humbucker Pickup Set

Sale price$289.95

These pickups are our take on that Classic PAF sound.

STANDARD 59: These have a more transparent sound, featuring more highs, and less low end.

Overwound 59: These take the mid/high clarity of our standard 59 but add back some heavy low end, perfect for pushing gain.


  • Output: Mid 7K ohms
  • 49.2 Spacing

  • Nickel Silver baseplate

  • AWG42 Coil Wire

  • Alnico V Cast Magnet

  • Hardwood spacer

  • Nickel Silver Cover

  • Wax potted

Sound Clips

Wind Style:
Wiring Style:
Gunstreet Vintage Humbucker Pickup Set Braided Wire
Gunstreet "59" Humbucker Pickup Set Sale price$289.95