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Gunstreet Telecaster Custom 5 way Solderless Wiring Harness

Sale price$109.95

Do you have Scratchy pots, Dead spots, or controls that just feel in nice terms REALY WEIRD? Enter the all new Gunstreet Solderless Wiring System!

This premium solderless harness not only enhances your sound quality with top-notch components, it also improves the feel, performance, and response of your instrument. You will also get to enjoy the switchable flexibility of two distinct Volume Voicing Options, giving you total control over your instrument's sonic character.

Thanks to the rock-solid solderless design the hard part is already handled! The Gunstreet Solderless harnesses feature a unique adjustable design that fits more instruments than others offering a similar setup and creates for a rapid hassle-free installation. This means you can get back to those sick riffs as quickly as possible!

Whether you realize it or not, your instrument's electronics are a massive part of your playing experience, and now there is no reason you can't experience the best. Upgrade your tone today and experience the difference. 

How the 5 way Switch and VVC Works

Switch positions
  1. Bright Bridge PAF w/Bass contour

  2. Bridge & Neck Modded Phase
  3. Bridge
  4. Neck & Bridge Normal
  5. Neck

This kit gives you are the 3 classic tele position but adds 2 cool extra sounds.

  • Modded Phase: This makes the pickups mostly out of phase with each other giving you a slightly more twangy sound
  • Bright Bridge PAF w/Bass contour: Not only do we wire the pickups in series making the pickup act like a Humbucker pickup. We tuned the circuit to be closure to a Bridge humbucker. This position also adds one of our favorite features. A Bass contour. What that means is when you use your tone control between 10-2. It is cutting the low end out. Basically reverse of the standard tone. But dont worry when you get to 1 it goes back to normal tone control

VVC (Volume Voicing Circuit)

  • Down: Saves more low end as you are using the Volume
  • UP: Saves more High end as you are using the Volume

Part Info

DHE Custom Gunstreet Pots

  • Value: 250k -/+ 15%
  • Taper Style: Custom Audio
  • Knob Shaft Style: Solid Metal Shaft 1/4th” (6.35mm)
  • Thread Height: 3/8th (9.52mm)
  • Shaft Diameter: 3/8th (9.52mm)
  • Shaft Threading:3/8 x 35


  • Brand: Vishay
  • Values: 0.047uf -/+10%

Output Jack

  • Brand: Rean
  • Diameter: 3/8th” (9.52mm)
  • Thread Length: 1/4th” (6.35mm)


Oak Switch Specs

  • Body cavity depth 1-3/8th" (34.93mm)

  • Mounting Screw Spacing: 1 5/8" (41.28mm)

  • Lever Stem (0.50x.190)

Requirements (Must Read)

  • Switching from an Import pot to a US Spec pot like our Gunstreet pots will require you to have 3/8th pot holes on your control plate
  • Our Gunstreet pots will need a 1/4th diameter knob. The Import 6mm knobs found on most imports, MIM, and MIJ guitars will not fit.
  • Your Neck pickup must be 3 wire or be converted to 3 wire. You will need a 4 conductor if using a humbucker in the Neck
  • You want to make sure your control plate isn't designed only for a 3 way. (most Modern plates can fit this switch) If it doesn't you will need a plate that can fit the extra switch position(s)
  • Some cheap Import guitar cavities are designed for Mini 12mm pots. To install a 24mm Fullsized pot may require routing out some of the cavity

Our Gunstreet Promise

We take our quality very seriously. That's why we only use real trained technicians who hand build each kit, and then send it through our proprietary testing process where we audio test every control, switch, or option to make sure that when you received the item its free of any hums, crackles, or pops!

INstructions and Technical spec

Videos and Demos

Gunstreet Telecaster Custom 5 way Solderless Wiring Harness
Gunstreet Telecaster Custom 5 way Solderless Wiring Harness Sale price$109.95