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Article: The Stratocaster Blender Mod

The Stratocaster Blender Mod

The Stratocaster Blender Mod

The Fender Stratocaster is an iconic guitar that has shaped the sound of popular music for decades. With its distinctive tone and versatile pickup configurations, the Stratocaster is a favorite among guitarists of all genres. However, even with its inherent flexibility, there is always room for refinement. That's where the Stratocaster Blender Mod comes into play. This simple yet highly effective modification expands the tonal palette of the Stratocaster, unlocking seven unique pickup combinations. In this article, we'll explore the Stratocaster Blender Mod and how it can revolutionize your playing experience.


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Understanding the Stratocaster Blender Mod:


The Stratocaster Blender Mod, also known as the "7 way Stratocaster," is a wiring modification that replaces the traditional dual tone controls to become a Master tone, and Blend Control. So the Layout changes to Master Volume, Master Tone, Blend Control.

The beauty of the Blender Mod lies in its ability to "blend in" the neck and bridge pickups in any position one of them is on, as well as adding a tone control in the bridge position, something you don't get in the standard layout. This allows you to create tonal combinations that were previously unavailable on a Strat but available on other Fender guitars like Telecasters.

Switching Options

Blend Control OFF

1.Bridge pickup
2.Bridge and Middle pickups (in parallel)
3.Middle pickup
4.Middle and Neck pickups (in parallel)
5.Neck pickup


Blend Control ON

1. Bridge and Neck pickups (in parallel)
2. Bridge, Middle, and Neck pickups (in parallel)
3. Middle pickup
4. Bridge, Middle, and Neck pickups (in parallel)
5. Neck and Bridge pickups (in parallel)

These additional tonal possibilities allow you to access a range of sounds, from sparkling single-coil tones to fat and warm humbucker-like sounds. Not to mention how amazing this setup is with HSS strats

How the Circuit works

The Blender Mod wiring configuration is relatively straightforward. It involves connecting the pickups in their standard switch location while adding in the Blender circuit to the Neck and Bridge Switch Location. The Circuit works by having the Neck pickup attached to the resistor side of the potentiometer and adding the Bridge to the Wiper. At the Off positions there is enough resistance between the wiper and Neck to basically "Turn off" the Blender, but as you "Blend in" the Bridge, the resistor value shrinks until the wiper (Bridge) finally touches the Neck pickup. This creates an audible taper which gives you a wider range of sound.

Mods and alternatives

No-Load Option: Some people who install this circuit like to add a "No Load" pot in the Blend circuit. What that is, is a Pot that when it is at "10" the Wiper is out of circuit. Basically, it is not touching the resistor on the Potentiometer. But since it's not as big of a deal as people make it out to be, I wouldn't worry about it. But if you want to do it, buy a No-load pot they are cheap, do not do it yourself. There is a ton of info online how to convert a standard Pot to a No-load pot, but what you find is a ton of instructions that are either poorly thought out or will break the resistor long-term depending on the pot manufacture.

"Neck On" Switch: This is a completely different circuit, but this gives you the 2 extra switching options while giving you the original Vol, tone, tone, layout . How it works is by adding a push pull to one of the controls and wiring the Neck pickup to the Common. In down position the neck pickup is sent to the 5 way switch with a wire, but in up position it is sent to the Volume. 

The Stratocaster Blender Mod is a game-changer for Strat

Upgrade your favorite strat today with our drop-in Stratocaster Blender wiring harness.

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