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If you originally read this post in 2021 You would have seen a survey here where we asked you to take 2 test to see if you could hear a difference. But after 197 people TRIED, we decided to END the Survey As there was enough trends to answer our hypothesis.

how this survey worked

But first let us explain how these tests worked. We started with 5 caps. 4 of the 5 caps were hand matched at 0.021Uf, the Last one, number 5. aka the Modern Cheap ceramic was hand MeasureD to be as close to its max torlerance as we could find. It measured 0.017uf.

  • Test one actual audio test: We asked a few questions

    1. 1.could you if heard a difference, and if SO, how big of a difference was it?

    2. 2.Which one is your favoirte?

    3. 3.have you purchased one of these before?

    4. 4.what is your age?

  • Test Two Placebo: BASICALLY, the same test as before but we told you we rearranged the posistions and instead Used one audio file for all 5 sampes,

Here’s what we found

  • 40% of people couldn’t hear a difference,

  • 48% Heard a difference but failed to pass the Placebo test.

  • 9% Could “Barely hear a difference” But passed the placebo.

  • 3% could “barely hear a difference,” passed the placebo test, and accurately guessed number 5

Cool or funny things we found

  • Unsurprisingly there were commonalities based off of age or buying habits.

    • People who have purchased Vintage PIO caps tend to be older

    • Everyone who said they could hear a “large difference” failed the placebo test, and tended to buy vintage inspired PIO or Vintage caps

  • The Cheap cap

    • A lot of those who passed the placebo test were very close to accurately guessing the cheap cap and choose either one before, or one after.

    • Those same people said that the they one chose was best sounding of the five.

Summarizing this survey

In a passive circuit, sound has nothing to do with what the capacitor is made from or if it is vinagte But the exact value it reads within a small variance. Also, A lot people actually seem open to trying other values but don’t and instead buy the same capacitor value as stock in hopes it will sound different.