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 2.What about Switches?

You are going to start to see a trend in these descriptions. The quality of switches has nothing to do with sound, it’s solely about durability. So, what misinformation does everyone’s favorite gatekeepers like to shout? Not as much, other than cheap switches are made from “Pot metal, which kills the sound”

Cheap vs expensive switches

You will find that most switches have a very similar design and vary in price. So then what makes a cheap switch, and an expensive switch? There are many factors that make one switch better than another, and all of them have to do with durability. The style of how the toggle switch works and how the metal is designed or if it is 2 thin copper sheets fused together or one. How thick is the plating? What metal is the plating? Instead of plated copper, is it a silver/nickel mix? All variables that will affect the longevity of the switch.

does what metal they use effect the sound?

Nope. This one always makes me laugh when I see people insult others for what switches people use. In this usage all the common metals are going to sound the same. But where the metal is going to affect the sound at least long term is how it was designed, some metals are more resistant to corrosion or oxidation, then others, so it will prevent degradation in the connection.