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Thank you for choosing Gunstreet. below is the instructions for a our Modern and Volume Bleed harnesses. Remember at any time during install your can email us with any questions!

For this instruction we will be using a common 4 conductor pickup color code, please check your manufactures code both installng

pro tip: only tighten down the Switch and output jack when installing the kit. it will give you more freedom to move everything around when installing key spots

Step 1: Lets start by soldering the bridge pickups hot (Black Wire) to the hot (White Cloth) coming from the push pull

Step 2: Next we will solder the Coil Finish (Green) to the Colored cloth wire (blue for modern,green for volume bleed)

Step 3: Next solder the Chassis ground (bare wire) to the casing of the volume pot

Step 4: Solder the Neck pickups hot (BLack) to the first lug on the volume pot (h1 on the diagram)

Step 5:We want to next combine the coil finish and chassis ground (green & Bare) and solder them to the casing on the neck volume

Step 6:Next you want to take the ground wire coming from your guitars tailpeice and solder it to the casing of any pot. on this guitar the neck tone was closest

pro tip: since we never used the series link. its a good idea to tape it off as we don’t want it touching any metal and causing one of the coils to ground.