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 3.What about Output jacks?

 At this point we don’t need to stress the idea that quality sounds better is wrong as you see with the trend that quality is durability. Output jacks are the same.

Before we start lets talk about proper maintenance.

Output jacks are one of the most abused parts of your electronics and often the most neglected. Output jacks are one part that will make a difference when upgrading but also a part that without proper maintenance will fail no matter what quality you have. What do we mean? The number one complaint from everyone's favorite critics bashing “the old 1 squared-off point style of jack” is they will crack, pop, and just stop working. Having repaired my weight in jacks, 9 times out of 10, the fault was caused by people not keeping their jack secured. The wires start to break if the jack slowly spins either left to right constantly so no matter what quality you get the wire will break.

So what makes a high quality output jack?

First, it's not the number of connectors it has. You could debate that adding more may improve durability but it also causes more spots of potential weaknesses. The key factor that makes a jack high quality is how the arm was designed. How thick is it? Is it plated? What is it made from? Stuff that like switches makes a huge difference in it rated life