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How to install

Helpful Instruction info

We want to show you the key parts you will be working with, and tell you the names so when we get to installing it, it makes sense! Please note that wire colors may vary so check with your manufacturer to confirm their color code.

  1. P Bass Pickup: Hot wire
  2. P Bass Pickup: Ground wire
  3. Tailpiece Ground wire


Fitting the kit to your pickgraurd.

Adjusting pot distances

Using either pliers, ratchet, or a wrench. Loosen the nuts holding the pots to the pcb. Adjust the pots so the kit will fit your pickguard. Just be careful not to

  1. Damage the Solder joints
  2. Overtighten the nuts.

Terminal block

Like with the body. Heres a simplified diagram of the terminal block we will be working with

  1. P Bass Pickup: Hot wire
  2. P Bass Pickup: Ground wire
  3. Tailpiece Ground wire

Helpful tip

While pressing down the terminal button with either a flathead screw driver or your finger. Slide the wire in at an angle that matches the terminals slope. Test the connection by lightly pulling on the wire

Install your Pickups "Hot" to the first hole

Install your Pickups "Ground" to the Middle hole

Install your basses "Tailpiece ground" to the last hole

Adjusting VVC

All our Solderless kits include our VVC. (Volume voicing circuit) This switch allows you to switch between 2 voicings.

  1. Down: Your Volume retains more low end as you use the Volume
  2. Up: Your Volume retains more High end as you use the Volume

And thats it!

Test the controls before restringing the bass by lightly taping the pickups with a metal object.

Need help or have a question?

feel free to contact us [here] But here are some common issues you might run into

Need help with your pickup?

"My pickup has an extra wire"

    • This is fairly common on pickups with an extra shielding. If thats what you have then you want to add this wire to the Middle terminal hole. As it needs to be added to your pickups ground.
    • Not sure what you have? Always refer to your pickup manufacture as to what each wire is. Every brand is different. 

"My pickup sounds weak"

    • This is fairly common when one or more of your pickup wires is not properly seated, or can not make a proper connection. Make sure there is enough exposed wire and that the wire is properly seated in the terminal block.
  • "My pickup wires are too small"

    • If your pickup wires are too small for the terminal block we recommend bending the exposed wire over the covered wire, or wrapping it a few times to create more surface area.  

It's not working or doesn't sound right?

  • The controls are scratchy when i use them"
    • This usually happens when you have a wire(s) not making a proper connection in the terminal block. Make sure there is enough exposed wire and that the wire is properly seated in the terminal block.
  • "There is a bad hum that goes away if i touch the knobs."
    • This usually happens when your tailpiece ground is not properly seated or missing.
    • This can also happen if your bass has sheilding in the cavity. You will want to add the wires attached to the shielding to the same hole as the tailpiece ground
  • "I cant get any sound from the thing"
    • Make sure you put the pickup wires in the correct spot and that they are properly seated in the terminal block.
    • Make sure that there is no environmental issue causing a short. An example on this would be the Output jack is touching the shielding in your cavity or an exposed pickup wire is also touching something other then the terminal block
  • "My volume feels different then before"
    • This is because of 2 factors.
      1. How we designed the volume and tone. It's different from your stock circuit
      2. We use our own Audio pots. A lot of brands will use Linear in the volume which will have a different decrease rate.


Other issues

"My old knobs don't fit the pots"

  • We use US spec solid shaft pots. Meaning the shaft is 1/4th (6.35mm) A lot of Import brands, or MIM & MIJ Fenders will use a 6mm Solid shaft knob which will not fit our pots. If this is what you have then you will need to purchase replacement knobs. Just make sure to confirm you are purchasing 1/4th (6.35mm) knobs as some brands wont tell you which version they have.