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Thank you for choosing Gunstreet. Below is the step by step instructions for your 3 way tele harness. Please note that these instructions work with any of our 3 way tele kits (51,Modern, or Volume Bleed) and are best used when paired with the wiring diagram we included in your box.

If the order of the images seem not in order and you are using a mobile device or tablet? This page is best viewed on the "Desktop Site" view.

Most Common Pickup Wires

Let's Start with the deconstruction

Remove the 2 plate screws

Make sure and take note of two things what color your pickup wires are and what ground wires you have. in this example the bridge pickup features a yellow and black wire and the neck is white and black

Remove the output

Next remove the output jack and remove any wires attached to the guitars wiring. Make sure once you are done to arrange the wires in a way you can remember what they are. i.e neck pickup wires together, bridge pickup wires together, and any grounds together. Install the new wiring onto the metal plate

lets start!

Neck hot output

Start with the White pickup by soldering it to the bottom right lug named "1" on the diagram above. Be careful not to de-solder the jumper wire that connects lug 1 to 2 as you need it for your middle position.

Bridge hot output

Solder the Yellow hot output to the top left lug named "D" on the diagram below


Most important Part

Next, combine the "Ground Wire" coming from your guitars Bridge pickup and the "Ground Wires" coming from your Necks ground to the casing casing of the volume pot. This will ground the pickups.

If you have a tele that has a ground from the tailpiece (bridge) Solder it to the casing of the pot. This will stop most on the buzzing when touching the metal parts. Once that is done go ahead and reinstall the metal plate to the guitar. Please note that some teles are designed with no bridge ground wire as the screw connected to the tele’s bridge plate acts as a earthing style ground.

That's It!

You can test if the wiring is working by going through the controls while lightly tapping the pickups with a metal object. If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

Position 1: Neck Pickup

Position 3: Neck & Bridge Pickup

Position 3: Bridge Pickup