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In this section we'll show you how to uninstall your stock wiring in a u.s style Les paul

Screw drivers

Depending on your guitar it's always good to have some Phelps head screw drivers. Most instruments use a fine Phelps head screw driver but others may need a larger, fatter one.

Soldering Iron

Because of how all solder melts at different temperatures we highly recommend using a high wattage, high temperature soldering iron. 

Protective Cloth

When dealing with a hot soldering iron it's always a good idea to use a protective cloth to stop you from accidently touching the finish.

Uninstall the switch first

Slowly desolder your switch allowing sometime between joints to let your iron reheat up

UnInstalling Pickups

Repeat these steps with the Bridge

If you want to desolder the hole on the input lug you can heat up the lug and blow it out with a little bit of air

Uninstalling the guitars ground

We are almost ready to uninstall the wiring harness. The only thing left is the guitars ground

To help you out when you install your new harness let's also remove the pickups

Now you can remove the stock wiring

That's It. your guitar is now ready for a new Les Paul Harness!