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How to install

Start by installing the switch wire assembly

Switch Wire Color Code

  • Black = Ground
  • Green = Bridge
  • Red = Output
  • Yellow = Neck

Fitting the kit to your cavity

Without fully installing the kit in the cavity. Adjust the nut height to fit you cavity hole thickness. Again, do not install the kit in the cavity yet.  

Terminal block

The Terminal Block Diargram
  1. Bridge Pickup: Hot wire "+"
  2. Bridge Pickup: Ground wire"-"
  3. Neck Pickup: Hot wire "+"
  4. Neck Pickup: Ground wire"-"
  5. Black Switch wire: Ground wire
  6. Green Switch wire: Bridge volume wire
  7. Red Switch wire: Switch output wire
  8. Yellow Switch wire: Neck volume wire

Helpful tip

While pressing down the terminal button with either a flathead screw driver or your finger. Slide the exposed section on the wire in at an angle that matches the terminals slope. Test the connection by lightly pulling on the wire.

Switch Install

Install the switches black ground wire to the 5th hole

Install the switches green bridge wire to the 6th hole

Install the switches red output wire to the 7th hole

Install the switches yellow neck wire to the 8th hole

Pre-pickup Install

For this instruction we are going to use the most common pickup wire for Les Pauls.


"The Braided pickup wire"


how this wire works is the black cloth part is your "hot" and the braided part is your ground. But since the braided wire cannot fit in the main terminal block we added 2 special ground blocks.  

Before we install the pickups we need to:

  1. Push the braided wire back to expose as much of the black cloth wire as we can.
  2. Loosen the screws on the ground terminal blocks

Bridge Pickup install

Fish the bridge pickups wire through the terminal block. Do not tighten the screw yet.

Now install the bridge pickups hot to the 1st hole.

Now with the hot installed. Pull the pickup wire tight. Just make sure that the braided wire is touching the metal block. Tight down the first screw.

Neck Pickup install

Just like with the bridge pickup. Fish the pickup wire through the terminal block. Next, install the neck pickup's black hot wire to the 3rd hole. Do not tight the screw down yet.

Earthing ground install

Earthing ground

A lot of instruments have more then one "Earthing ground" If your Les Paul is like our example, it has multiple. You will want to add them to the ground terminal block. Heres what this guitar has

  1. Tailpeice ground: Wire coming from your guitars tailpiece (bare wire)
  2. Shielding ground: If your guitar has shielding you will want to have a wire that connects the sheilding to the harness. (blue wire)

We have found placing the earthing ground underneath the braided wire to be the easiest. Once they are in there, make sure the braided wire is pulled back as well, and tighten down the screw.

Before we finish the install

Adjusting VVC

Our Les Paul Solderless kit includes 2 of our VVC. (Volume voicing circuit) This switch allows you to switch between 2 voicings.

  1. Down: Your Volume retains more low end as you use the Volume
  2. Up: Your Volume retains more High end as you use the Volume

On this kit each volume gets one. So now is great time to adjust it.  

Once you are done adjusting the VVCs, install the kit into your control holes and add the nuts and washers

And thats it!

Test the controls before restringing the bass by lightly taping the pickups with a metal object.

Need help or have a question?

feel free to contact us [link at the bottom of this page] But here are some common issues you might run into

Need help with your pickup?



"My pickup(s) sounds weak"

    • This is fairly common when one or more of your pickup wires is not properly seated, or can not make a proper connection. Make sure there is enough exposed wire and that the wire is properly seated in the terminal block.
  • "My pickup(s) wires are too small"

    • If your pickup wires are too small for the terminal block we recommend bending the exposed wire over the covered wire, or wrapping it a few times to create more surface area.  

It's not working or doesn't sound right?

  • The controls are scratchy when i use them"
    • This usually happens when you have a wire(s) not making a proper connection in the terminal block. Make sure there is enough exposed wire and that the wire is properly seated in the terminal block.
  • "There is a bad hum that goes away if i touch the knobs."
    • This usually happens when your tailpiece ground is not properly seated or missing.
    • This can also happen if your guitar has sheilding in the cavity. You will want to add the wires attached to the shielding to the same hole as the tailpiece ground
  • "I cant get any sound from the thing"
    • Make sure you put the pickup wires in the correct spot and that they are properly seated in the terminal block.
    • Confirm that the exposed section of the wire is seated in the terminal block and not just the casing of the wire.
    • Make sure that there is no environmental issue causing a short. Next confirm the switch wires are in the correct location.
  • "My volume feels different then before"
    • This is because of 2 factors.
      1. How we designed the volume and tone circuit. It's different from your stock circuit
      2. We use our own Audio pots. A lot of brands will use Linear in the volume.


Other issues

"My old knobs don't fit the pots"

  • We use 18 tooth "Coarse" pots. So if you have to order new knobs just make sure that they say they are either "18 tooth" or "Coarse knurled"