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Thank you for purchasing a Gunstreet harness. Below is your step by step instruction

instructions for both modern and volume bleed kits

Before we start we want to remind you that at anytime during the installation you can reach out to us with any questions

we always try to answer them A.S.A.P

So, before we start we want to show you the key parts you will be working with, and tell you the names so when we get to installing it, it makes sense!

Please note that wire colors may vary so check with your manufacturer to confirm their color code

STEP 1 of 3: Solder your pickup’s “+” to the far left lug on the volume

Step 2 of 3: Solder your pickup’s “-” to the casing of the volume pot

Step 3 of 3: Solder the Basses tailpiece ground to the casing of the volume pot

Thats it!

Pro tip: Before screwing everything back on test the controls by using a metal object or the strings if your bass is still strung up