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Thank you for choosing Gunstreet. below is the instructions for a Modern or Volume Bleed Wiring to be installed in your Les Paul Special.

Pickup key

Hot - (+) =Black Wire

Series Link - (S)= Red&white

Coil Finish - (-) = Green

ground - (ground) = BAre

Start by soldering your pickups coil finish wires to the top push pull lugs.

next solder your pickups Series links to the Bottom push pull lugs.

Next, Solder the Pickups Bare wires as well as the Earthing ground coming from your guitars tailpiece to the casing of the push pull

next solder the bridge pickups hot wire to the bottom left lug of the 3 way toggle switch

Finish by soldering the neck pickups hot wire to the top left lug of the switch

and that's It!

If you have any questions or need any help troubleshooting this kit Let us know