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How to install

This instruction works for a 50s wiring kit

Tips for an easy installation

  • Always reach out if you have questions, or need any help troubleshooting. We are the pros.
  • Test fit before soldering. Contact us if you have any issues
  • Never remove heatshrink. It's designed to be there
  • when soldering take small breaks inbetween your joints to let you iron heat back up
  • once installed. Test the controls by lightly tapping your pickup(s) with a metal object
  • Never force a knob on that doesn't fit. This can kill your pot.


Before we start. Lets talk about the switch color code.

  • Red/N = Rhythm/Neck
  • Yellow/O = Outjack Jack
  • Blue/B = Bridge
  • Black/G = Ground

Don't install the pots in the guitar yet, instead fish the switch wires through the cavity.

Solder the Blue "B Bridge wire to the hole labelled "Bridge"

Next, solder the Yellow O" output wire to the hole labelled "Output"

Solder the Red "N" Neck wire to the hole labelled "Neck"

Lastly, Solder the black ground wire to the hole labelled "Ground 2." Take note that we are leaving "Ground 1" open. we will not be using it. 

Install the switch into the cavity.

For these instructions we will be using the most common style pickup wire.

Single conductor aka Braided wire

  • Black cloth part is your Hot "+"
  • Braided wire part is your Ground "-"

Take note that no matter what your pickup wire is. The install is all the same. You will always install your pickups Hot and ground wires in the same place.

Starting with the Bridge pickup

Solder your pickups "Hot/+" to the far left lug on the Volume Pot. If you see a heat shrink there. Then you installed the control backwards and are looking at the tone control.


Solder the "Ground/-" to the casing on the Volume Pot. If using a braided wire style pickup make sure the braided part of the wire is away from the hot joint you previously soldered as not doing so can kill the pickups signal.

Repeat these steps with the Neck Pickup on the Neck Volume

Finishing the installation

Solder the wire coming from your guitars Tailpeice to the casing of any pot. On this example the Neck volume was the easiest. If your cavity is Shielded. Add a Jumper wire from the shielding to the wiring.  

And thats it!

Test the controls before restringing the guitar by lightly taping the pickups with a metal object. If you have any questions of need any help Troubleshooting Click here