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How to install

This instruction works for a 50s kit


Before we start. Lets talk about the switch color code.

  • Red/N = Rhythm/Neck
  • Yellow/O = Outjack Jack
  • Blue/B = Bridge
  • Black/G = Ground

Don't install the pots in the guitar yet, instead fish the switch wires through the cavity.

Solder the red Neck wire to the Top right Lug

Next, solder the Black Cloth wire to the Middle lug next to your neck joint

Solder the Blue Bridge wire to the Bottom Left Lug

Solder the yellow Output wire to the two Middle lugs on the opposite side of the switch.

Install the switch into the cavity. Be Careful not to bend the switches arms when installing and to make sure the cavity walls, or the braided wire is not touching the switch as all of this can cause a "short" in your switch.

In these Instruction photos we will be using Seymour Duncan's Color Code.

  • Black = Hot "+"
  • Red/White Soldered Together = Series Link "S"
  • Green/Bare soldered together = Ground "-"

Check with your pickups manufacture to learn what color code they use.

Starting with the Bridge pickup

Solder your pickups "Hot/+" to the far left lug on the Volume Pot.


Solder the "Series Link/S" to the push pull hole labelled C2

Solder the "Ground/-" to the casing on the Volume Pot.

Repeat these steps with the Neck Pickup on the Neck Volume

Finishing the installation

Solder the wire coming from your guitars Tailpeice to the casing of any pot. On this example the Neck volume was the easiest. If you have Shielded your cavity. Add a jumper wire from the Shielding itself to the wiring harness like we did with the tailpeice ground

And thats it!

Test the controls before restringing the guitar by lightly taping the pickups with a metal object. If you have any questions of need any help Troubleshooting Click here