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Thank you for choosing Gunstreet. below is the instructions for a 50s Wiring to be installed in your Les Paul Special.

Pickup key

Hot - (+) =Black Cloth

ground - (-) = Braided wire


If you are using a pickup with Gibson style Braided wire, you can make the install easier on yourself and your soldering iron. A lot of times when grounding your braided wire pickup it requires a lot of solder and an iron that can stay hot for long periods of time. which if you have a low wattage iron it is very difficult and frustrating to do. Luckily this trick is super easy. Just take your pickups braided wire and add a wire to the Braided part. This new wire is your new ground and since this is less of a surface area to install it requires less heat and solder!

Start by soldering the wire coming from your guitars tailpiece to the casing of the closest pot.

Next, Solder the Neck Pickups hot to the top right switch lug

Solder the Bridge pickups hot to the bottom right lug on the switch

Finish the install by soldering both the neck and bridge pickups grounds to the casing of the volume pot

and that's It!

If you have any questions or need any help troubleshooting this kit Let us know