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How to install

Neck Pickup 1: Hot

Solder your Neck pickups "Hot" (Yellow on Diagram) to the second right lug


Neck Pickup 2: Coil Finish

Next, Solder the Neck Pickup's "Coil Finish" also known as the "black -" wire on the diagram to the bottom right lug

Neck Pickup 3: Neck Cover Ground

If your Neck pickup has a cover, you will need to solder it to the casing of the volume pot.

Bridge Pickup 1: Hot

Solder your Bridge pickup's "Hot" (white on Diagram) to the top right lug

Bridge Pickup 2: Ground

Next Solder the Bridge Pickups "Ground" (Black of the Diagram) to the casing of the Volume Pot

Tailpiece Ground

Lastly, Solder the ground wire that is coming from your guitars tailpiece to the casing of the closest pot. In the video example the tone pot was the closest. Please note that if you don't have a tailpiece ground, you will need a Bridge pickup with a metal plate on the bottom. The screws connecting the pickup to the bridge will turn your bridge pickup's "ground" wire into a tailpiece ground.

Output Wire Install: Hot wire

It is very important that you pay close attention to the diagram on where each output wire is soldered. Failing to connect these wires in the correct location will cause nonstop hum when the instrument is plugged in.

Next Solder the White "output" to the hot Lug

Output Wire Install: Ground wire

Lastly, Solder the (Colored) ground wire to the Inner Ground Lug.

And thats it!

Test the controls before restringing the guitar by lightly taping the pickups with a metal object. If you have any questions of need any help Troubleshooting Click here

Common Installation Issues

The wiring just buzzes nonstop. If i touch something metal it gets worse!

This is common when you install the output wires backwards. Look at the Output jack and confirm that the white wire is soldered to the "hot" and the colored wire is soldered to the "ground"

My neck pickup only has 2 wires.

In order for the 4th position to work, your neck pickup has to have a non-grounded finish wire. If your pickup doesn't have a cover, then you should be fine wiring the pickup just to the switch. But if your pickup has a metal cover then it has to have 3 wires. It's fairly easy to convert your neck pickup to 3 wire. Here's a "how to" -Convert a 2 wire Tele neck into a 3 wire (

When i go through the switch i am both pickups on pos 1 & 2, and just the Neck on 3 & 4

This is a sign that the Neck's finish wire is being grounded non-stop. Confirm that you have a pickup that has an Open "finish wire" and that you soldered it correctly to the switches common, and not to the casing of a pot thinking it was the Covers ground wire.

In Position 2 and 4 it all the sudden gets thinner and more quiet.

If it is only happening when there is 2 pickups in circuit, then it is a sign that the pickups are Out of phase. This is common when installing 2 different brands of pickups, or by installing the coil Start and finish backwards. What you want to do is swap the wires on the Neck pickup. So say if you have a white "Hot" and a Black "finish" then the Black becomes the hot and the White becomes the finish.

Whats the Signal Path?

For those who want to try troubleshooting the wiring themselves the path goes.


Pickups To Switch

Switch output To Volume Input

Volume Output To Output jack


If you want a way more in-depth signal path, Click this link - Exploring 4-Way Switching for Telecaster Guitars (