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This is another funny one. I think this one was started because of a mixture of predatory marketing, with brands who sell rebranded pots, and our culture living in a modern tech world, where paying extra for a nice speaker or headphones makes a huge difference. So, in your instrument why is this not true? By now, you may be able to guess: your guitar's wiring is passive, so a cheap pot is going to sound the same as an expensive pot. Where the real difference starts is the rated life. A non-rebranded expensive pot is going to last a lot longer than a cheap pot. Your average “nice pot” is rated to last for a minimum of 20,000 spins, compared to a cheap pot that is not even rated. It could last years, or a week, you just do not know. Basically, this idea of durability works with any part. Expensive parts don’t sound better, but they may last longer.  Want to learn more? Click this hyperlink text!