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Gunstreet is a small shop making, as some say, the best wiring harnesses on the market. We have been featured on Reverb and have had the pleasure of working with a lot of people of like 60 Cycle Hum, the Guitar Nerds, The Gear Slum, the Flippin' Flippers, Brad Angove, and Patrick Hunter, to name a few.


(replace this with a real quote) or Sean has been obsessed with circuit designing for 17+ years, He is our custom shop builder and has made tens of thousands of kits for people, including some very high-profile musicians. He's the style of nerd your favorite local tech fanboys about


The term Gunstreet comes from a story my grandfather, who used to love to talk about Hugh O'kane (Famous person from Sean’s Hometown) and the stages of his life and made Hugh’s life into a parable for life lessons at each stage

"Life is Tough, but you have to work through it!"
Hugh grew up in Ireland in 1860-1870s and as a preteen stowed away on a ship headed to New York, with a group of friends. Hugh started his American dream homeless, but through hard work and determination was able to make a name for himself.

"Innovation, Instead of being a follower"
When Hugh lost his hotel and life savings to a fire, everyone told him to use the insurance money to "just rebuild it as if nothing happened!" Old and tired Hugh did not want to do that. Instead, Hugh saw the potential of Bend and it’s close, loving community he wanted to give back to. Taking from all his outside influences, Hugh built the most futuristic building this wild west town ever saw, making anyone trying to compete with it work harder then they had ever before. My grandfather loved to call it "a Gun battle of Innovation" or "Gunstreet".

"Community First"
This is a big one, the one that my grandfather really pounded in our heads. "Show pride for your town and the people who make it a home". If you have seen the Bend Emblem, tied to the town's identity, it is rumored to be created for the building by Hugh's right hand man M.P Cashman, with the sole purpose of creating a symbol to show your love for your town and community.