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Article: Shop Builds Ep. 1 - 2008 Gibson Les Paul Studio Blackdog Demo Guitar.

Shop Builds Ep. 1 - 2008 Gibson Les Paul Studio Blackdog Demo Guitar.

We worked with Josh to get one of his awesome Gold Tooths kit into this guitar. if you haven’t heard these pickups you are missing out!

Righteous Sound Pickup’s Gold Tooth® Set


“The Gold Tooth® is part of our Vintage Voiced humbucker series. This set produces a sound that is defined and detailed, with clarity and string separation. The low frequencies are punchy and tight. Upper midrange is organic and sweet with a touch of snarl. Highs sing with presence and cut. The Gold Tooth® is for those that want a humbucker with bite. Get toothed!”

if you want to read a more in depth how to install this harness visit this link

Everything is done. Except one last thing.

Cleaning the Case

the previous owner either lived in an area where metal rusts easily or they never changed the factory strings. none the less. this case needs to be cleaned.  To clean the case we will be using simple house hold products.

"Case Cleaning" Solution

25 ounces of Warm Water

1 1/2 teaspoon of Lemon Dish Detergent

(1) Sponge

Before And After

30 minutes and 64ounces later we have removed a good chunk of the dirt. we towled off most of the excess water and let the rest naturally dry out.

the case is stuffed with foam, under the plush lining. This Foam takes form of object easily. So, if you push to hard the foam will be distorted for a period of time. also note, if you use something like a hair dryer to dry the plush, be very cautious of the glue. it can become ruined with excess heat.

Introducing our Black Dog Demo Guitar.

*Click on the photos to enlarge them!

if you ever find us at your local guitar store. come try it! we would love to hear what you think!

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