How to install

Neck Pickup 1: Hot

Solder your Neck pickups "Hot" (Yellow on Diagram) to the Bottom right lug


Bridge Pickup 1: Hot

Next, Solder the Bridge Pickup's "hot" also known as the "yellow +" wire on the diagram to the top left lug

Pickup & Tailpiece Grounds

Lastly, Solder the Neck & Bridge ground wires as well as the wire is coming from your guitars tailpiece to the casing of the Volume pot. Please note that if you don't have a tailpiece ground wire, you will need a Bridge pickup with a metal plate on the bottom. The screws connecting the pickup to the bridge will turn your bridge pickup's "ground" wire into a tailpiece ground.

And thats it!

Test the controls before restringing the guitar by lightly taping the pickups.